Lunchbreak Press is a one-man, one-author hobby shop tucked in a small corner of a cozy room in a little house on a quiet street in a very leafy section of the Upper Midwest. Far from the cold and sterile confines of corporate publishing where the most important reading is the reading of the bottom line, Lunchbreak is basically an organic shop, with a brewery down the road, a vegetable garden a few steps out the door, and a cool and pretty lake a short walk into the morning sun. The company vehicles are a canoe, a bike, and a vintage Volkswagen Microbus, usually seen with a big fuzzy dog riding shotgun. All the books are mined from memory and edited by time. The proofreader is sometimes reluctant to do his job, but can be coaxed into a state of near willingness with either coffee or brewski, depending on which side of the noon whistle he is made to work. Printing is done locally by Bill, assisted by Dennis, who calls when all is done to talk a little bit about work but mostly about fishing. Advertising and promotion? Most of this is left to you, since promotion is at its most honest when coming directly from the reader. So if a book by Lunchbreak has left you in a good mood, a reflective mood, and in a mood to put what touched your mind into the hands of someone else, by all means place an order, because the ocean is not just water but a place for the raindrops to go to make waves. Even if you don’t order, feel free to send in photos and letters, because here we feel that the so-called details in life are actually major functions in disguise.